My Peeps

God has seen fit to make me a boy mom (so far?) not just once, but four times over!  Meet the little men who make my every day full and this blog possible.

Alex – Leader of the Pack

81285038F012A typical oldest child, he is most like his mother: orderly, eager to please, and studious.  He is WAY more extroverted than me though and spends his free time enjoying Boy Scouts and reading, lots and lots of reading…and talking.  He has a mouth and an imagination that just won’t quit.  A pre-K teacher once described his speech as a snowball rolling down a hill.  He can’t stop until he reaches the end.  Overall, he is an easy going, positive person and my go-to guy around the house.

Ryan – Second in Command

81285038F009He is 3+ years younger than Alex and while he loves people and Scouting just as much, he is definitely drained after a social event.  Introverted, but not at all shy, he can charm any adult or teenage girl with a wide grin and wider vocabulary.  He is very observant both with people and nature and loves to be outside.  Unfortunately, he is like his mother in some negative ways: obsessive, digestive issues, and moodiness.  He benefits from a super clean diet, lots of sunshine, and daily quiet time.

Cooper – The Wild Card

81285038F011I almost called him The Dumpster Fire, but that seemed ungenerous.  To be fair, he has been a bit on his own since he was a year old.  You’ll see when you meet the other half of the Mighty Mights below that Coop didn’t remain the baby of the family for long.  He absolutely idolizes Ryan these days and doesn’t have a serious bone in his body.  Speaking of his body, it is in constant motion.  Not an always running type of motion, but an aimless wandering and flapping kind – like a muppet.

Josh – ???

81285038F010I hesitate to give this one a nickname because our relationship so far has been rocky at best.  It all began when he made his arrival into this world a mere 54 weeks following Cooper.  I was not expecting that.  Cuddly or clingy, depending on my outlook, he is the baby and he knows it.  Stubborn like a mule, but always willing to tell mama that he loves me, he is probably the reason that I needed to quit blogging for a while and recommit myself to homeschooling.  If I ever get to Heaven, he will be the person on Earth that most led to my sanctification, and how can I not love him to bits for that.

The Hubby (and Me)

81285038F013So technically speaking, I guess he is the one who makes this blog possible.  He also keeps me sane.  Easy going like his eldest, charming like the second, funny like Coop and stubborn like Josh, he is my knight in a shining mini-van.  Mostly I call him the Hubby, but if I mistakenly say Kendall, you know what I mean.  He keeps us in food and clothes by spending 8-9 hours a day at an IT job. On the weekends he likes to grill and watch football.  He doesn’t get to do that much, but that’s what he likes.  We are both Catholic converts, Oklahoma natives, and hold Technical Theatre degrees from a university in a town where we still live.

Those are the major Peeps.  We also live with two useless cats, Eddie and Phoebe.  Aunt Caren is a regular character on the blog, as well as my bestie, JoAnn, and her brood of five kiddos (4 girls and a boy.)  Aunt Carla and a couple of Grammys make an appearance from time to time, and that’s about all of us.  Nice to meet you!