About Me


Welcome to all the matres (and fathers) who have found me here!

That’s my crew up there.  The picture is a few years old now, but yes, I am still the only female.  I’m Catie and I began homeschooling back when my oldest was in Kindergarten.  There were only two boys then.  I blogged about it on a site called Our Catholic Homeschool from 2011 until 2014.  Then I called it quits.  The blog was becoming successful, actually beginning to pay for itself with the promise of making a profit.  But that was never the point of the blog and I wanted to walk away before it began to take on more focus in my life.

The last couple of years I concentrated on figuring out my personal philosophy of education and how I wanted to shepherd these young men.  You know, all that thinking that I was supposed to do before I started educating them. Ha!  I had simply jumped in with both feet and really never gave my reasons for homeschooling much thought beyond I wanted to do it and I could.

You could easily see in those early years how I was pulled in all directions, trying out new curriculum every year, gleaning a cursory understanding of a method and latching onto it wholeheartedly…for a semester.  I needed to ground myself and quite frankly, get out of the toddler years.  I think a lot of us go through this journey as moms and teachers.

Now I am rested, rejuvenated, and most importantly, headed in one direction.  Looking back at that old blog, my favorite things to write and read over and over again were my weekly recaps of our days.  Those are the only things that have remained timeless.  Sweet and not so sweet memories that are passed but not expired.  That curriculum I recommended or method I poorly explained leaves me shaking my head at how raw and naive I was to think I had any wisdom to expound.  If I have any wisdom, it comes from the daily labor of raising these little men.  So that’s what you get here on this new blog.  Just my journey with them.  It’s all that matters.