A Birthday Celebration of Science

A Birthday Celebration of Science

The highlights of this week came fast and furious.  Here they are in all their glory.

The Week

1|  Saturday began bright and early as we loaded up the van with kids and headed an hour south of town for the annual birthday bonanza.  It rained A LOT this year, so we were not able to go to the zoo.  We went to the OKC Science Museum instead.  The daily fee is astronomical, so we opted for the yearly membership instead.  Now we get to go to the museum anytime we want in the next year!

All of this is in celebration of my niece’s 25th birthday and Josh’s 4th.  After the museum it was back to Mom’s house for snacks, presents, and cake.  Last year I began making and decorating cakes for each of the boys’ birthdays.  Josh doesn’t even like cake, so this one was really for my niece, but he blew out the candles.

Josh 4 OKC Cake

2| When we arrived home, I was exhausted and not feeling well.  I laid down for a nap at about 4PM and didn’t get up again until about 2PM on Sunday.  I missed Mass and teaching my last Sunday school class for the year, but the sleep seemed to fix me up.  I was able to join the family for dinner.  Aunt Caren came over, per the norm, and brought her Guitar Hero stuff.

3| I don’t remember Monday, but I know we didn’t do any school.  This summer school thing may not work out very well.  At the very least, I want to sneak in four more weeks to finish up term 2 of our Ambleside Online years.  I don’t know what to do about term 3.  My brain is already going with all the plans for next year, and I am looking forward to a fresh start.

4| Tuesday was pretty event-less except for a nature walk at Boomer Lake.  Boomer is really a large pond created by a damn in the middle of town.  There is a nice paved walking path around it that I think is about 2.5 miles long.  I’ve never walked that with these guys, but we do go down near the water.  We watched the Purple Martins zipping around and observed a Cormorant drying its wings on a lone branch stuck in the lake.  We also spotted some Purple Poppy Mallows (Winecups) that we haven’t seen in years.

5| Wednesday was Josh’s fourth birthday!  Hubby stays home for all the kids’ birthdays.  We had a day of family fun starting with lunch pancakes.  Then we went to our local children’s museum, the Wondertorium, for a few hours.  The day was rounded out by watching Cinderella and hamburgers for dinner.  Well, French fries for Josh.

Josh 4 Pancakes
Daddy made special birthday pancakes.

6| Thursday we had a nice playdate with our friends.

7| Friday we went to the Walmarts and bought ALL THE SNACKS for our roadtrip this weekend!  The afternoon was spent packing.

The Stats

We completed 0 days of school, keeping our total for the 2017 calendar year at 60 of 180.

Josh completed 4 years of life!

The Goals

Those were totally Paleo cake and pancakes, right?

Next Week

A HUGE weekend is coming up as we roadtrip to Arkansas for our Godson’s first communion.  We haven’t tried an overnight trip, other than one campout, as a family of six.  Should be exciting.

Really gotta do some school when we get home.

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